The Body Cycle Story: An Idea That Created A Community

By April 18, 2016Blog

Body Cycle is a Philadelphia staple. It is one of the first studios of its kind and it originated all from one little idea that blossomed on a work trip to California.

We’ve all come to know Russell Carter, the man behind the brand, but how Body Cycle got started is a story within itself:

Russell first got the idea about a spin studio after traveling to California for a pharmaceutical sales meeting. Although he embraced his corporate job, he loved being a spin instructor on the side. Every trip that he took, he’d look for the most sought after spin classes in the area at local gyms. Per recommendation of the hotel concierge, Russell signed up for a yoga and spin hybrid class.

It was that class that left its mark on Russell; it was efficient, effective, and convenient. It was also that class that Russell began thinking about a spin only studio. Once home from his trip, his wheels began to spin, both literally and figuratively.

At the time, spinning/indoor cycling wasn’t as popular as yoga or step aerobics, but it was innovative. Russell began to fall in love with the concept, not only for the heart pounding workout, but because it was a way to de-stress, allow someone to push you past your limits, and escape the real world by listening to great music – all within 45 minutes.

It was during those months following that one class in California that Russell knew he needed this concept to happen in Philly. After his classes, he’d share his ideas with a select few about opening up a spin only studio. They gave great feedback and recommendations.

While it was something he knew he wanted to do, there was a part of him (his wife, Stephanie) that erred on the side of caution. Leaving the corporate world and walking into uncharted territory was something to consider. With continued encouragement from his neighbor Parris, who was a banker, and Bill Pryor, who owned a very successful spin studio in Boston, Russell knew he’d be able to make chasing his dreams a reality, and so he did.

The idea of leaving behind his safety net was scary, but Russell knew that he couldn’t do both jobs. To him, it was all or nothing, and that’s when he fully committed to taking a leap of faith.

Fast forward to about a year later, and BCS was born. Russell never imagined that the little idea he had on a work trip would become his next passion project. He knew he didn’t want his product to be mass-produced, but rather for each individual rider to have his or her own unique experience. It wasn’t built overnight, but day-by-day, class-by-class and instructor-by-instructor, Body Cycle was able to set the tone for the overall motivational and supportive ride each and every person deserved.

To this day, Russell and his team instruct each class with passion, heart, precision, and knowledge. They know their riders by name, and believe that their journey must originate from within.

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