Love Yo Self

Love Yo Self

February 14, 2017by

Written By: Erin Moffitt

Valentine’s Day is a holiday that generally puts the focus on significant others. We buy presents, we go out to dinner, we write cards and we take ONE day a year to express all of our love and gratitude to our significant others or the most important people in our lives. I think that’s amazing. I mean, I think we should take WAY more than one day a year to say I love you and thank you and you mean the world to me, but I’m no Valentine’s Day hater. Even if it was invented by Hallmark, if done right, Valentine’s Day is a day that you can truly sit and think and show thoughtfulness to the ones you love. Maybe it comes in the form of a present that shows you’ve been listening to their needs or wants or maybe it comes in the form of a handwritten letter that shows them just how much you really do care.

Recently I’ve been really interested in self-reflection, gratitude practices and just generally taking the time to be introspective. I actually feel like it’s helped me so much with anxiety and with my general confidence and thoughts about my body, my life and myself overall. I’ve learned the importance of focusing on me…and stay with me, I’m not telling you to become self-absorbed and start disregarding others. It’s actually quite the opposite. I have learned through self-reflection that I am the best friend, sister, daughter, girlfriend, etc. when I am the happiest and most in tune with myself.

So take a minute and imagine if all of that thoughtfulness and that time that you spent getting a Valentine’s Day present or writing a letter for your significant other, was time you spent on yourself; figuring out how to address your emotional wants and needs, figuring out all the things that you truly care about and that keep you grounded. It’s powerful to take that time for yourself. It helps you become present in your own body and in your own life. Often we are so far caught up in the busy days and the daily drama and the seemingly never ending fast pace of everything, that we forget to take a minute to check in with ourselves and see how we’re doing, to cherish our bodies, to quiet our minds, and to thank ourselves for doing the best we can.

I have found that the more time I spend thinking positive things about myself, the more I view others positively; the more gratitude I give to myself, the more I am able to appreciate others; and finally, the more I love myself, the more I am able to translate that love to the people I care about. So, this Valentine’s Day make it about you first, and when you feel in tune with yourself and you feel that you’ve taken the time to be completely present in your own life, take all of that positivity, gratitude, and love and shine that light on the people who make your life better. You deserve the best version of you, and when you make yourself a priority, other people will be able to see that version too.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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