Recap: Barry’s Tri Talk

By April 14, 2016Blog, Body Cycle Events

Written By: Gabrielle Connor

Just like everything Barry does, he put 140% into his Tri Talk on Saturday, April 2.  In addition to showing off all of his rad gear and providing healthy race day snacks to all the riders, he brought in a dry erase board to illustrate to any prospective triathloner how they could sign up (and feel confident) for their first triathlon. “Anyone can do a tri, you just have to want to!”

The Tri Talk was informative regarding both the small details and big picture tips to focus on for your first (or next) triathlon.  Many of the riders who came had done their fair share of triathlons (or full Ironman-distance triathlons), so they already knew they would need elastic shoelaces and they knew they should shift to a lower gear up a monster hill. However, even the most experienced riders learned something unique from Barry that day.

The real secret to Barry’s success is his attitude. I’ve never met anyone as passionate as Barry. He truly enjoys each aspect of triathloning – the cold, crowded swims, the windy bike rides, the horrible blisters, and of course, the finish line. He recently told me all about a grueling race (the Long Distance Duathlon World Championship in Switzerland) last September, in which he got in a mid-race bike accident and badly injured his hip. He continued on to not only finish the rest of the bike ride, but also run a quick marathon. While telling me the story, he had a huge, proud smile on his face as if the race (and pure torture that came along with it) was the most exciting part of his season last year. Hearing him talk about triathlons could inspire just about anyone to give it a try.

As I prepare for my season this year, I plan on taking every possible opportunity to steal as many little training tips from Barry. He is probably the most experienced triathlete/duathlete/ultrarunner/marathoner/coach I know, which makes him a great resource for any athlete, both the newbies and well-seasoned triathletes alike. BCS is lucky to have him!

Next time you see Barry at the studio, be sure to get his expert advice on the best cream for butt cheek chafing!  Thanks

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