Simple Swaps to Still Enjoy Your Favorite Foods

By November 7, 2016Blog

Written By: Emily Benton

Emily is the Director of Simplex Health; a nutrition based program that offers a more realistic approach to overall health and wellness.

Are you eating well, but still find yourself craving your favorite sandwich and weekly pasta? Or you think eating healthy is just too hard, not manageable, or practical? Don’t worry; you’re not the only one. Luckily, you can still enjoy the same foods with the same satisfaction…just healthier.

The goal is to make it as simple as possible; make simple changes, make simple goals.  Once you start thinking too big, it gets overwhelming.  Here I’ve laid out some simple and easy steps and basic food changes to make being healthy, well, easier!

1) Start your morning with a green juice vs. full breakfast.  Juices and smoothies are super easy to make PLUS you can prep everything the night before.  Sure, we all love our morning eggs, but sometimes you need a grab and go to have on hand.

Fit Tip: Load that blender up with spinach and kale, your favorite fruits, some seeds, ice, blend, and go!

2) Upgrade your meat and eggs – you’ve heard it before, (possibly from me) that its all about knowing your food, meaning; do you know what your food is eating?

Fit Tip: Make sure to purchase quality meats and eggs – grass fed is best.  Other options are pumped with hormones and additives, which could mess with your metabolism in the long run.

3) Swap grains for greens

Fit Tip: If you still find yourself wanting that burger, kick the bread-laden carbs to the side and try iceberg lettuce or a mushroom cap as a healthier, more nutritional alternative.

4) Go simple with your pasta – surprisingly, wheat pasta will do major damage on your gut.

Fit Tip: Try simple, single ingredient or veggie pasta. There are a ton of pasta alternatives out there such as brown rice, quinoa, or chickpea pasta.

5) Fight fat with fat!

Fit Tip: Eat healthy fats! Avocados, oils, and nuts are all acceptable. Have one serving of a healthy fat at all meals, which might be ¼ avocado, wild-caught salmon, grass-fed beef, or nut/seed butter such as almond or cashew.

The more healthy swaps you can make, the better!

Interested in learning more?  I am the Director at Simplex Health.  We are dedicated to making nutrition education as accessible and simple as possible.  Sessions may even be FREE to you through your health insurance.  With our modern approach, we focus on health as the priority and not just pounds lost.  Using simple swaps like the ones above, you WILL lose weight.. and losing weight is a bi-product of good health.  Sign up or find out more information at!

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