The Top 5 Moves You Need to be Doing Off the Saddle to Help Your Performance In the Saddle

By September 6, 2016Blog

By: Carly Rubenstein Levitt

Carly is not only a Spin Instructor, but is also a Certified Personal Trainer, so it’s safe to say she knows a thing or two when it comes to training the entire body for overall performance.

1. Lying Glute Bridge People who spin or cycle on a regular basis tend to be quad dominant. That means their quadriceps tends to take over when utilized for a specific lower body movement. Given this information Carly recommends strengthening the hamstrings.

IMG_6598   IMG_6604   IMG_6608

2. Scissor kicks can be very beneficial in working the hip flexors, transverse abdominals and inner and outer thighs. This will assist you to have a more efficient pedal stroke.

IMG_6589   IMG_6594

3. Plank who doesn’t love a good plank challenge? Planks assist in core stability while sitting on the saddle, but they also help to increase muscular strength and endurance that your body requires to ride powerfully.


4. Transverse Plank (side plank with a reach through) This exercise strengthens the oblique’s and helps with overall stability both in and out of the saddle.

IMG_6577   IMG_6579

5. Scapular Pushups Are not always pretty, but they can be fun! By increasing overall strength throughout these muscles you’ll not only begin to improve your while taking a spin class, but you’ll experience lasting benefits with overall posture.

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