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By March 23, 2018Blog, Try This


Did you know that our bikes are capable of connecting to your phone to help you track your watts and work during class?
It might sound a little tricky at first, but we promise it’s not that bad! If you’ve ever connected to a bluetooth device, this will be a cinch!
When you download the app to your device, your bike number will pop up when you start pedaling (Jess numbered all the bikes last week in case you missed her Instagram Story). You simply select your bike number, then m3i (that’s our bike model), then free ride. Place your phone on the ground and watch your watts climb. At the end of your workout, you’ll have an exact readout of what you did in class.
**Bonus points if you download the app ahead of time and enter your gender, height, and weight for more accurate readings.***
The app saves your previous workouts so you can truly track your growth and improvement!
We ask that you show up 15-20 minutes early before your first try so that you can get help from our instructors BEFORE class. Once class time is on, our instructors will start promptly. They’ll be happy to help after class too!
In simple:
1. Download Keiser m Series app to your device (iOS or ANDROID)
2. Turn your device’s bluetooth on
3. Start pedaling and pair your bike number, it should show up in the bluetooth section to let you pair
4. Hit the top option of both popups – M3i, free ride
We are implementing this for you to see your growth, progress and set goals. We can’t wait to hear about your watt crushing.
Below are some of the things you’ll see on your screen! Let us know if you gave any questions at all!

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