What’s In Sho’s Bag?!

What’s In Sho’s Bag?!

Written By: Shoshana Katz

Busy days and hectic schedules are a way of life now. We are all constantly on the go, trying to manage our time, and juggle everything in between. As a personal trainer and General Manager of Body Cycle Studio, I know that when I start my day, I need my bag packed and ready to go. I am headed out there to conquer, and I need to have a full support system with me. I can’t let myself walk around in sweaty clothes with my stomach growling and no tunes to rock out to; I will literally be the most miserable human ever. How do I navigate this on the go lifestyle? I welcome you to take a look inside my bag.

Below is a list of items that I absolutely have to have with me every single day.

  1. Change of clothes
    I mean, do you even need to ask? I sweat for a living, but that does not mean I enjoy sitting around in those clothes once I am done working out or teaching. Depending on how many classes I have going on, I pack at least one and sometimes two sets. I mean underwear, leggings, bra, tank top, and SOCKS. Oh my god, SOCKS. My feet STINK. Speaking of stinky feet…
  1. Rocket Pure Peppermint Foot Spray
    Full disclosure, I have the smelliest feet ever. I won’t even try to deny this. I just can’t help it. I change my socks every time I work out, I have multiple pairs of sneakers that I cycle through, but it doesn’t even matter. All of this effort is no match for the stink. What does help is this mint scented foot spray that my husband got for me as a gift (which was really a gift for him, but whatever). I love this stuff and it actually works!
  1. Neutrogena Face Wipes
    After a class or a long day, it helps to be able to give my face a quick wipe down. My personal favorites are the Neutrogena Naturals wipes. I get the ones for sensitive skin and it leaves me feeling hydrated and refreshed. It helps prevent my skin from breaking out and helps me rationalize my lack of showering. This leads me to my next fave item:
  1. Keihl’s Vanilla Body Spray
    It is subtle and it doesn’t irritate my nose. It smells like Vanilla, which is yummy and doesn’t break the bank for a quality product. A few little sprays will do ya, so it lasts forever (as I have noticed with all of their products)! It is nice to be able to give myself a quick spritz once I have changed my clothes after class, I feel like a new woman!
  1. Degree Motion Sense Deodorant
    Spray won’t cut it. You have to use that deodorant! I have found that the new Degree that has motion sense smells awesome, works super well, and it comes in multi packs at Target (I live for a deal).  I like that none of the scents are too overbearing and simply leave you smelling clean. I am not a fan of super perfumey products, they tend to give me a headache. This deodorant completely fits the bill in terms of scent and [my] smell.
  1. Chapstick
    To complete the look, a good chapstick keeps my lips hydrated and sometimes makes it look like I put a little bit of effort into my appearance. Right now I have a cocoa butter stick as well as a little lip balm from The Body Shop. I am also a huge fan of Burt’s Bees tinted chapstick (even though they discontinued my go to color, but whatever…).
  1. Water Bottle
    Hydration, hydration, HY-DRA-TION. For real though. I would die if I did not carry a water bottle around with me that I was able to refill throughout my day. I am really feeling my S’Well bottle right now. I know that they aren’t the most inexpensive and are very “in” right now, but they are legit. My water stays cold all day long and for someone who is super rough on their things, it has tolerated my daily beatings/droppings/knockings over. I love this thing.
  1. High protein snacks
    In addition to keeping my water intake in check, I have to remain fueled throughout my day. I hear people make excuses all of the time that they do not have time to eat or prepare meals, but honestly, that is bullshit. If I can find time to eat, so can you! PREPARE for your day. Look at your schedule the night before and decide how you will set yourself up for success. I keep powdered peanut butter in my bag and every morning throw in a Greek Yogurt, No Cow Protein Bar, and an apple. These foods help keep my growling stomach under control between breakfast and lunch as well as between lunch and dinner.
  1. Lunch
    Yup. I pretty much pack a lunch every single day. It is super simple. I pressure cook a ton of chicken at the beginning of the week, and every night before bed I throw the chicken over greens in a container, ½ an avocado, some black beans, and salsa. In the mornings, I toss it in my bag along with my snacks and I am seriously set until about 2-3 pm. Around then is when I head home to walk my dog and grab one last snack of the day.
  1. Laptop
    While I eat my lunch, which is usually anywhere from 15-30 minutes, I will sit and answer emails. I recently got a mini laptop and it is seriously the best gift I have ever gotten. It is super light and gives me a chance to catch up on managerial tasks for the studio as well as answer client emails. I may or may not also use it to buy shoes…
  1. Phone and Watch Charger
    On days when I am SWAMPED, I always keep a phone charger with me (and now since I got the apple watch, that charger too). You never know when your battery will get low and need to bring some life back to that mobile device of yours. It is good to always be prepared and getting an extra charger to keep with you is a must.
  1. Headphones
    When I am making playlists for class or working out, I always have to listen to music. After creating a new ride, I will obsess with getting to know the music; I have to feel it in my body. I will listen to the new rides over and over again, when I am walking down the street to when I am lifting and doing my own work outs. Having headphones with me, wireless and regular, allow me to constantly have music playing. I have the regular ones for backup just in case my wireless ones die. Forgetful me needs them more than I’d like.
  1. TRX and Resistance Bands
    I always keep my easy on the go equipment with me. From training clients to my own workouts, having a TRX and resistance bands with me have proven to be absolutely beneficial. There may be times when the weather is beautiful and you want to take your client outside. In that situation, what do you do? Grab your bands and ditch the weights! What if your client is super sore but still wants to move their body that day? TRX is the way to go! You can still get an amazing workout all with your own body weight (this is not to stay TRX isn’t intense, because oh my god it will kill you when you want it to, but it can be easily modified to accommodate all of the feels).
  1. Sunglasses
    Mirrored to keep the haters away.

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