Working Out In Your Workplace

By November 28, 2016Blog

Written By: Reem Ellis

Anyone who works a standard desk job knows that it is nearly impossible to get away from your desk.  If you are anything like me, you even sometimes think by noon, “oh wow, I haven’t even gotten out of my desk to go to the bathroom.” I get it.  You come into work in the morning and need to catch up on the 100+ emails you received the night before, then you get pulled into yet another meeting about some small policy change that could have been solved with one email.  That turns into eating your lunch at your desk because you just can’t seem to catch up on all your work.  I am guilty of all of the above.

At one point, I started to realize that my colleagues who actually took a moment to enjoy their lunch and leave the office once in a while were actually being more productive and seemed way less stressed.  They realized that getting some fresh air and getting their blood moving actually helped them get ahead each day.

Wednesday Workplace Workouts (WWW) started out as a joke in the office.  Honestly, I was pretty bored one day and decided to get my co-workers to record me doing squats with a ream of paper.  They all thought it was funny and I noticed they all started doing it with me.

The main goal of WWW is really to increase everyone’s awareness of how much they move throughout the day.  The other goal is to show everyone that it isn’t hard to get some exercise in throughout the day without needing a gym membership to do so.  You can use pretty much anything to burn off calories or even stress.  I have even used a cell phone charger as a jump rope!

Here are my other top 5 favorite WWW moves:

1)      Russian twists using a ream of paper

2)      Plank contests with a co-worker!

3)      Using gliders or an office chair for ab work

4)      Jump squats with or without a ream of paper

5)      Tricep dips on your desk, chair, windowsill, or floor

Give it a try for yourself and let us know what you think. Feel free to follow along on the @bodycyclestudio Instagram for the most up to date WWW!

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